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grace - 10 years since... an installation by Pietro Costa
December 2, 2011, through January 29, 2012

Colonial Heritage of Florida Projectin partnership with Triennial Miami and the Martinez Gallery, Troy, NY are pleased to present Pietro Costa's grace - 10 years since..., on view at 3220 NW 7th Avenue Miami, adjacent to the Wynwood Arts District.

With the installation grace - 10 years since... by Pietro Costa, Colonial Heritage of Florida project initiates its exhibitions and public forum for the visual arts, conceived to invite reflection on the continuous energy, critical edge, and aesthetic interventions within contemporary Miami art.

Pietro Costa's grace - 10 years since..., will be installed on the grounds of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church located at 3220 NW 7th Avenue. The installation will occupy the entire structure of the newly built chapel which is to become part of a larger development plan to build a cultural center that will eventually house a comprehensive collection of Colonial art and artifacts.

Costa's installation has come to memorialize the events on September 11, 2001 and the aftermath of the 10 years that followed, and coincides with another landmark event, the 10th anniversary of Art/Basel/Miami Beach.

The installation's central component is composed of concentric red neon rings suspended from the chapel's 30 foot ceiling, forming a swaying tower of light that is held in place vertically without fixed points or knots, only by the simple tension exerted by its own weight and by four plumb bobs.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Costa, along with fellow residents of Cobble Hill and Downtown Brooklyn, experienced a shower of paper floating down from the offices of the people who perished that morning in the World Trade Center.

Costa recalls, "After the attack, I'd been having this recurring dream – not a dream, actually a nightmare. The sky was raining paper. It haunted me and I couldn't ignore it. I couldn't keep making art without absorbing this experience. A few days before the installation of the column of light which had been finished before September 11, 2001, I knew exactly what the answer to my nightmare was: I needed to physically introduce this occurrence into the sculpture in a way that would memorialize those who were gone. I wanted to include an interactive component, something that the viewer could pick up and take away, just as all of us, who were in New York on September 11th take that day with us everywhere - even now, ten years later."

Scattered around the base, in the form of a wreath, Costa placed individual strips of paper each representing someone who perished, including their names, ages, employers and job titles, as well as where they were situated when they died. Among these are the names of the hijackers as well as blank strips representing the unknown quantity of the homeless and undocumented New York City residents. Visitors are encouraged to take a strip of paper with them. As they are collected, the strips are refreshed with a new batch.

grace was previously installed in the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY, in 2002; the Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia in 2002 for the first anniversary; and the Certosa di San Lorenzo, a former 13th century abbey near Costa's hometown, Padula, Italy in 2003 and at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, September 2011.

Born in S. Arsenio, Italy, Pietro Costa lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His work has been shown, published and reviewed extensively. For a complete artist overview and CV please visit:

Jorge Luis Gutierrez, curator of the Miami exhibition, states: "Costa makes quiet poetry through a magical metaphor created with light and space. A moving experience so pertinent in times when many artists seam limited in nuance and complexity."

On the closing week of the exhibition a global seminar on Architecture & Symbolism in Contemporary Art will be held. A panel discussion will take place on this pertinent XXIst century key issue of great importance in Miami's gentrification.

Exhibition Hours: Thursday through Saturday 10 am-4:00 pm. These hours apply only during Art Basel exhibition dates. Gallery tours or informal viewings for groups of 10 or more are by appointment only.

For Miami exhibition information contact:
Jorge Luis Gutierrez at 786-541 -565 gutierrez5665@att,net

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