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Martinez Gallery opened in March 2001 with the clear mission to exhibit high quality art and offer outstanding value to its patrons. The Gallery has been successful in establishing a reputation for preparing intellectually strong and visually exciting exhibitions. During an 11 year-period, Laudelina Martinez, founder of the Gallery, curated more than 60 exhibitions, as well as other cultural events.

In its 11th year, the Gallery moved to emphasize client services for individuals and institutions. While still presenting artists in exhibition, the Gallery devotes its primary efforts to bring together artists and patrons for the sale or rental of art. The Gallery seeks to develop new collectors and help experienced collectors with acquisitions, cataloguing, and other professional services that maintain their collections in good order.

With this change, the Gallery is involved in a broad attempt to promote everyday living and working in interaction with the arts.

Martinez Gallery is in the architecturally interesting City of Troy, New York, in a burgeoning district for arts and antiques. The Gallery faces Monument Square, completed in 1865. It is located in the Cannon Building, listed in the National Register of Historic Buildings.

A video by the Times Union Arts Cam featuring the Gallery can be found here.

Alberto Mijangos

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